Cryptanthus zonatus – Earth Star Bromeliad


Cryptanthus zonatus – Earth Star Bromeliad

Cryptanthus zonatus
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A captivating botanical specimen renowned for its dazzling foliage and rich hues. Shop now!


Product Description

Species Bromeliaceae
Pet Friendly Yes
Maintenance Required Easy
Pot Size 4 inches basic black plastic nursery pot
Plant Size 4 – 7 inches


Add vibrant colors and unique textures to your indoor spaces with the stunning Cryptanthus zonatus! This mesmerizing bromeliad forms a rosette of green and reddish-pink striped leaves resembling the bright rays of a starburst.

The Cryptanthus zonatus is aptly nicknamed the ‘Earth Star’ for its vividly patterned, spiky foliage. Each plant creates a captivating display of color and architectural form that commands attention.

Easy to Grow at Home
Despite its exotic looks, the Cryptanthus zonatus is a low-maintenance bromeliad that thrives with minimal care. It does best in bright, indirect light and appreciates allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

This drought-tolerant plant is ideal for those desiring stunning, long-lasting interest with little effort. Simply provide well-draining soil and you’ll enjoy its star-like beauty for months.

Versatile Earth Star Displays
The compact size of the Cryptanthus zonatus allows for creative display in dish gardens, terrariums, or as a solo accent in a decorative pot. Group several together for an even bolder visual impact.

Elevate your interior with the unmatched beauty of the Cryptanthus zonatus bromeliad! Buy this dazzling ‘Earth Star’ online today for exceptional color and texture. Shop on HariDukaan & get fast home delivery in Pune, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & throughout India.

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