Pink Wandering Jew Nanouk – Gorgeous Tri-Color Foliage


Pink Wandering Jew Nanouk – Gorgeous Tri-Color Foliage

Tradescantia nanouk
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Add a stunning pop of color to your home or garden with the Pink Wandering Jew Nanouk. This eye-catching variety of tradescantia features gorgeous tri-color leaves in shades of green, pink, and white.


Product Details

Species Commelinaceae
Pet Friendly Yes
Maintenance Required Easy
Pot Size 4 inches basic black plastic nursery pot
Plant Size 4 – 7 inches

The Tradescantia nanouk is a trailing plant with vibrant foliage that spills beautifully over the sides of hanging baskets, containers, and window boxes. Its lush, striped leaves remain vibrant indoors and out, bringing year-round beauty to your space.

Easy to Grow Indoors & Out
This low-maintenance plant thrives in bright, indirect light but also tolerates some direct sun. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings and provide well-draining soil for best results. The Pink Wandering Jew Nanouk makes an excellent houseplant that purifies indoor air.

Versatile Tradescantia nanouk
With its trailing habit, this stunning tradescantia variety works perfectly in hanging baskets, mixed containers, and as a vibrant annual groundcover. Use it to add lush color to garden beds, borders, and outdoor planters too.

Buy your Pink Wandering Jew Nanouk (Tradescantia nanouk) plants online today and enjoy this eye-catching variegated beauty indoors or out! Buy plants online.

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